Thu, 14 Feb, 2019Courtney Allan

Body language expert's verdict on pregnant Duchess Meghan: “Overly self-aware”

Body language expert's verdict on pregnant Duchess Meghan: “Overly self-aware”

With another public outburst from her father, all eyes were on Duchess Meghan as she stepped out with Prince Harry for a gala performance at the Natural History Museum in London.

However, the Duchess was calm and confident as she ditched her usual habits of cradling her baby bump and holding onto Prince Harry’s hand as she walked. She walked several steps ahead of him, appearing confident and calm.

The author of the Body Language Bible and body language expert, Judi James, says there’s more to this display than meets the eye.

James explained that Duchess Meghan is more aware of the eyes of the public being on her after the outburst from her father.

“'This was the first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced where Meghan didn’t cup, stroke and cradle her bump.

“Her decision to drop these rituals looks deliberate. There are a couple of times when we can see her perform a truncated gesture, when her left hand rises towards her bump in a bid to cradle it, but she appears to self-correct and drop her hand down to her side instead.”

James also pointed out that the distance between Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry was deliberate as well.

“There are some clues that Meghan’s response to the problems with her father is to assert her independence and confidence in her royal role. It could have been easy for her to become visually vulnerable and to lean on or shelter behind her husband for support – but by striding out in the lead she may have wanted to suggest resilience and even a sense of power.”

Prince Harry appeared as nervous as ever when he’s near his wife, with the Duke of Sussex displaying anxious body language.

“In contrast Harry appears a lot less masked, with several suggestions of anxiety visible in his facial expression and his body language. He looks tired and at times rather distant and reflective.” James said.

“This [behaviour] would be normal for his father Charles but Harry has been the one Windsor male who always appeared jolly and lacking in any self-comfort traits. He begins by buttoning his jacket rather deliberately in two "barrier gestures", then hikes his trousers up from the back.”

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