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Body language expert says Prince Harry is more "anxious"

Body language expert says Prince Harry is more "anxious"

Despite having been in the limelight of the world since he was born, it appears that Prince Harry has started showing visible signs of anxiety since he met his wife, Duchess Meghan.

Body language expert, Judi James, told Yahoo! UK’s The Royal Box that showing signs of visible anxiety is common for the Windsor men, and Prince Charles started it off:

“Charles, pocket-pat, looks for his wallet that he doesn’t carry, fiddles with his cuff and he will do those rituals quite frequently,” explained James.

“William to a certain extent inherited it, but Harry did not have any.

“He has now, since he met Meghan. He’s started to look incredibly nervous. Anxious, I think is more the word rather than nervous.”

James also explained that the signs of anxiety have come from Prince Harry’s visible shift in responsibilities in his life.

“He’s gone from being the eternal son into being the husband and the father-to-be.

“As he’s taken on more responsibilities, we’re seeing less of his naughty smile.”

James has noticed that Prince Harry is particularly fond of a “paperclip” gesture, which involves the Prince using his hand as a paperclip to hold his jacket together.

“That was just a little bit of wanting to create a protective barrier to a certain extent,” she adds.

“You can see it in his face quite a lot, he’s smiling less, you see him sucking his lips and you can see him puffing slightly at different events.”

It’s clear that the Prince is maturing into his role as a Prince, husband and father-to-be. 

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