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Arnott’s slammed for "size-shaming" biscuit ad

Arnott’s slammed for "size-shaming" biscuit ad

Arnott’s has been slammed by customers after a body-shaming ad from 14 years ago resurfaced online.

The contentious ad features two pairs of underwear and a pack of Snack Right Fruit Slice biscuits.

The larger pair is labelled “snack wrong”, while the smaller pair is labelled “snack right”. At the bottom of the page, an image of the biscuit packet is featured with the tagline “the healthier biscuit”.

Social media users criticised the ad for encouraging body image issues.

“This size shaming marketing for Arnott’s Biscuits Limited in a mag is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! How dare they try to sell high sugar biscuits in this disgraceful way,” a Facebook page posted along with a picture of the ad. “When will they get it? That #ANYSIZE is right for you, as long as you are healthy and happy.”

“Just dreadful. I hope their marketing team listens. Really listens and gets why this is so wrong,” one person commented.

“This is something they should be ashamed of,” another added.

After the ad circulated around social media sites on Monday, an Arnott’s spokesperson confirmed that the campaign is not current. 

“This advertising campaign … was in poor taste, and does not reflect Arnott's brand values,” the spokesperson told in a statement.

“While this advertisement was printed in 2005, it should not have run in the first place and we apologise for any offence caused.

“Arnott’s is committed to conducting business in a manner that is respectful and inclusive of everyone.”