Fri, 25 May, 2018Danielle McCarthy

How the Queen is fighting fit at 92

How the Queen is fighting fit at 92

Her Royal Majesty may be 92 years old, but she doesn’t let age deter her from her official duties and busy schedule.

She enjoys long walks around Buckingham Palace, and the morning Prince Louis was born, she was seen horseback riding at Windsor Castle without a helmet.

And now, one of the reasons for her youthful energy has been revealed – gin.

Every day before lunch, the Queen enjoys a glass of gin mixed with a fortified wine called Dubonnet, reported the Telegraph.

While alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation, gin is made from juniper berries, which have some great health benefits.

Juniper berries are good at fighting against free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and are responsible for cellular damage, premature ageing and triggering a number of diseases.

The berries also help those with sore throats, respiratory infections and muscle ache.

Experts have also previously suggested that the berries can improve blood circulation, prevent heart disease and decrease your chance of kidney and liver disease.

Other research has shown that juniper berries may help you have a more youthful looking complexion for longer.

To create the Queen’s favourite cocktail, pour one-part gin and two parts Dubonnet over ice and stir. The Queen enjoys a slice of lemon with the pips removed as her garnish.

Just remember, the New Zealand alcohol guidelines recommend women having no more than two standard drinks and men having more than three on any day to reduce your risk of alcohol-related disease and injury.