Fri, 16 Feb, 2018Georgia Dixon

Paul Burrell opens up about the Queen’s most awkward moment

Paul Burrell opens up about the Queen’s most awkward moment

We all knew that going into the jungle for Australia's version of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell wasn’t going to be a shrinking violet.

The outspoken 59-year-old already spoke about the rumours surrounding Prince Harry’s parentage, and now, he’s offered us yet another glimpse behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace.

Addressing his campmates a couple of nights ago, Burrell opened up about one of Her Majesty’s more awkward moments.

While hosting the Sultan of Bahrain, the usually prim and proper Queen was at the centre of an embarrassing situation involving flatulence.

According to Burrell, she and Prince Philip were out for a carriage ride with the Sultan when something unexpected (and, if you ask us, pretty funny) happened.

“Suddenly a huge explosion of wind came from one of the horses in front,” he recalled.

Apparently, the wave of flatulence “went straight through the carriage,” bringing all conversation to a halt.

The Queen then turned to Prince Philip and asked if she should say something, to which he replied, “Yes, do.”

“She leaned forward and touched the Sultan’s knee and said, ‘I’m terribly sorry about that awful noise.’”

Unfortunately, the Sultan believed this to mean that Her Majesty was the source of the fart.

“The Sultan leaned forward, touched the Queen’s knee and said, ‘That’s quite alright Your Majesty, I thought it was one of the horses,’” Burrell said.


Image credit: @ImACelebrityAU/Twitter and @TheRoyalFamily/Instagram.