Tue, 13 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

50-year-old woman gives birth to own grandson

50-year-old woman gives birth to own grandson

A 50-year-old grandmother has given birth to her son’s baby despite being in menopause, after his wife was unable to carry her own child.

Kayla Jones was 17-years-old when a benign tumour forced her to undergo a partial hysterectomy, preventing her from being able to have children.

“When you’re 17, it doesn’t hit you as much that you can’t have children,” Kayla, now 29, told InsideEdition.

“You’ve got prom and dates… what kind of cars people are driving, you know, that kind of teenager stuff.

“Then you fall in love and get married and say, ‘OK, I’m ready to start a family,’ and it all comes back around and hits you again.”

The couple explored surrogacy and adoption but after multiple disappointments, mother-in-law Patty Resecker stepped in.

“I kept seeing Cody and Kayla kind of get sad and think, ‘What’s our next step?’” the grandmother said.

“I told Cody and Kayla that I would do it if I can.

“It's their baby; I was just the valet.”

As Patty was going through menopause, she had hormone injections in her first trimester to keep herself and the baby healthy.

Once Patty was pregnant through IVF, Kayla, who is a nurse, would inject her mother-in-law daily.

On December 30, baby Kross was born and has reportedly been doing well ever since.

The family shared their journey on a Facebook page called Creating Baby Jones, which shows happy pictures of the family as they welcomed their baby.