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What the royals would earn if they had real-life jobs

What the royals would earn if they had real-life jobs

As members of the royal family, the Dukes and Duchesses might be worth millions of dollars – but how much would they earn as a commoner?

Training and qualifications provider The Knowledge Academy has analysed the royals’ skills and qualifications to discover the job and the salary they would have if they were part of today’s job market.

Duchess Meghan came out as the top earner with an expected annual salary of £350,000 thanks to her acting experience, while Prince Harry and Prince William could earn between £21,000 and £55,000 as a charity worker or a major in the army.

Duchess Kate – the first royal bride with a university degree – could earn up to £23,000 in a corporate administrative or marketing role, considering her experience working for high-end retailer Jigsaw and her parents’ party supplies company Party Pieces.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex would earn £40,000 with her secretarial training and PR experience. Her husband Prince Edward, who had worked in production for theatre and television, could earn up to £28,000 as an experienced production assistant.

Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla, who had limited work experience, were expected to have a salary of £19,000 and £17,500 as a charity worker and a secretary respectively.