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Wed, 4 Apr, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Daughter steals ill mother’s savings

Daughter steals ill mother’s savings

A heartless daughter has taken advantage of her sick mother after she was given access to her mother’s bank account.

The daughter stole more than $NZ82,500, leaving her ill mother, Rosita, with only $2.24.

40-year-old Cassie Stubbs was given access to her mum’s account after being asked to buy her cigars.

Instead, Stubbs took all of her mother’s savings while she was being treated for mental health problems in a care home.

Stubbs was only stopped after a social worker noticed Rosita’s three accounts had only $1.68, $0.35 and $0.21 left in them.

When Rosita died last September, her family had to pay funeral costs and debt, Chester crown court heard.

Stubbs got a suspended 18-month jail term after admitting theft.

She was given a 12-month community order with a rehabilitation, a three-month curfew and 120 hours of community service.

Rosita’s family said in a statement about the betrayal, “We are devastated with the cold, callous actions of Cassie Stubbs.”

“We had to suffer the pain of losing our mother, and find out our own ­sister took advantage of her when she was vulnerable and suffering mental illness.”