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Unruly tourist’s Bunnings hat for sale in hilarious ad

Unruly tourist’s Bunnings hat for sale in hilarious ad

It’s only been a few days since the young foul-mouthed tourists who wreaked havoc in New Zealand made headlines for telling locals he was “going to punch your brains out” and now, in true internet fashion, the iconic Bunnings hat he was donning is being “auctioned” in an ad.

A Kiwi woman took to the world wide web on Wednesday evening to list a size 12 Bunnings hat for sale, with the price starting at $NZ1.

The woman’s hilarious product description included how she came across the hat, which she claims was found near Takapuna Beach – the location where the rowdy tourists were filmed igniting a feud with locals, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The seller also takes no responsibility for what comes out of the wearer's mouth, as she claims the hat may incite foul language.

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“Bunnings hat. Used condition. Found near Takapuna Beach discarded. Although this is a very attractive and stylish hat, I cannot be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth or rude hand gestures while wearing the hat,” the seller wrote.

It has been reported that the tourists caused chaos throughout Auckland and Hamilton restaurants as they claimed to have found ants and hair in their food, before demanding a refund.

The hat seller chose to take it another step further after 26-year-old Tina Marie Cash admitted to shoplifting at a Caltex station in Albany.

“User beware. Not recommended for children even under adult supervision. This hat has no ants or hair in it. Could be useful if you decide to go travelling to see our beautiful country, perhaps see the Hobbits?

“One size fits all. There are no sunglasses or rope with this purchase. Similar to one shown.”

Currently the bid is at NZ$101 with 23 bids in total.

Those who came across the witty ad decided to get involved by asking a few safety questions about the hat.

“If I wear this hat will it give me anger issues?” asked one person, to which the seller replied: “I cannot guarantee that you will not have outbursts while wearing this hat. May be the hat that has issues or the wearer of the hat.”

The seller says all proceeds made from the item will be donated to Auckland’s Mercy Hospice.