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Fri, 22 Jun, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Can you spot the 2 glaring mistakes on this bank's credit card?

Can you spot the 2 glaring mistakes on this bank's credit card?

One of Singapore’s top banks has released an exclusive gold-plated credit card for its high-rolling millionaire customers.

However, the unveiling of the credit card issued by United Overseas Bank (UOB) was overshadowed by two glaring mistakes on the plaque it was displayed on.

Can you spot the two mistakes on the diamond-studded plaque?

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The plaque reads: “For those who value exclusivity in it’s most extinguished form.”

“They should have employed a better copywriter to 'extinguish' themselves from the competition!” noted one social media user who posted a photo of the plaque.

Commentators also speculated whether the word was meant to be written as ‘distinguished’ or ‘exquisite’, while others pointed out that there was an unnecessary apostrophe in ‘it’s’.

The UOB exclusive Reserve Card is offered only to UOB Privilege Reserve wealth management service clients who keep above a minimum balance of $2 million in assets with the bank.

Social media users quickly criticised the copywriting on the plaque, with one saying: “I’m just glad there is a card that is designed for firefighters finally.”

“When you have 1 million to spend, I guess you would need to extinguish the heat from swiping the card,” another wrote.

The bank has since said that the plaque was a display for a promotional event earlier this week and it is not the final copy.

“The promotional text that was printed only for a table display at a private event last night had been overlooked during our clearance process,” Ms Choo Wan Sim, head of Cards and Payments Singapore at UOB, told Chanel NewsAsia