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Tiana Gullotta

Father-of-four opens letterbox to find random act of kindness

Father-of-four opens letterbox to find random act of kindness

A father-of-four from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was very surprised after opening his mailbox to find a kind anonymous note.

Sharing his discovery on discussion website Reddit, he revealed upon opening the note he also noticed $20 was attached.

The heartwarming message on the note read, “Hello, this is a random act of kindness."

“I think this $20 would be of more benefit to you than it is to me. All I ask is that maybe one day you do an act of kindness for someone else.”

The man told Yahoo7 that he believes the letter was hand-delivered and he spent some time trying “to think if it was someone I know”.

Revealing how he spent the money, he shared, “I used it on activity books and pencils for the kids. They had been asking all week for some.”

Following his feel-good post, the Queensland father received his fair share of scepticism on the internet, with the picture he posted attracting an abundance of comments as well as various reactions.

One user wrote, “Far out, your house must look pretty rough to elicit random donations.”

While another asked if he needed the money to which he replied, “Nope but the kids enjoyed it.”

A third person commented, “So apparently you look like the kind of guy who needs $20. How do you feel about that?”

And the criticisms didn’t stop there. Another user responded, “I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a little weird and creepy? Why not just hand it to a bum on the street?” while another directly stated the note is “clearly fake”.

However, the dad-of-four clapped back at the dubious non-believers, writing, “It’s most definitely not a fake. I posted because it’s great people do this. Some people still have time in their lives to think of others.”

The Queenslander added that he hoped they will someday “receive something like this that will change their mind”.

Some Reddit users were hopeful and optimistic, with one person commenting, “Awesome. Hope you pay it forward one day”, to which the father responded, “I most definitely will.”

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