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6 ways to make money online in retirement

6 ways to make money online in retirement

Even if you’ve got a nice sized nest egg, a little bit of extra cash here and there never goes astray. The internet presents huge possibilities for canny retirees who are looking to make some serious dough. We’ve put together a list with six of the best ways to make money online in retirement.

1. Consulting

Retirees with advanced degrees, specialised skill sets and years of experience in a particular industry often can line up some pretty lucrative remote consulting work. This is a great way for highly-skilled retirees to leverage their training, connections and years of expertise, into a pastime that’s a little more productive than watching Bold and the Beautiful reruns. And you can set your own hours!

2. Freelance writing and editing

There’s a huge demand for content on the internet these days, so if you know the difference between their, there and they’re you could turn your writing ability into a nice stream of income. Professional experience is generally pretty highly regarded but as long as you understand grammar, punctuation and can hit a deadline there’s a lot of written work out there for retirees.

3. Selling items online

If you’re house constantly looks in need of a spring clean maybe it’s time you considered selling some items online. Reputable ecommerce sites like eBay can often fetch reasonable sums for items you’ve been holding onto for years and not really using. If you’re a talented artist you may even consider selling paintings, sculptures or little pieces of arts and crafts you’ve made. 

4. Teaching and tutoring

If you’ve got a teaching history you’re a shoo-in for this sort of gig, but even if you’re just well versed in a particular subject you may be able to find some pretty decent tutoring work online. Not only is this a great way to put some of your knowledge and skills to productive use while bringing in a useful bit of extra income, but it also gives you the opportunity to assist some kids who need help.

5. AirBNB

Do you have a spare room that’s only being used by your son and his family the three times they visit each year? Why not turn it to an extra source of income by signing up to AirBNB? Not only is this a flexible way for retirees to make a little bit of moolah with a minimum efforts, opening your doors to AirBNB users is a great way to connect with travellers from all around the world.

6. Uber

If you’ve got a car and a reasonable driving record you can also use the internet to earn some cash as an Uber driver. You get to set your own hours and work whenever suits you, and it’s not as dry an environment as cab rides can often be. Uber drivers often share their great stories with passengers who are always up to listen, and you will get to meet some pretty interesting people.