“You destroyed my life”: Widow’s heartbreaking reply to man who killed her husband

“You destroyed my life”: Widow’s heartbreaking reply to man who killed her husband

A man who bashed a grandfather in Adelaide to death with a hammer in front of his wife has been ordered to spend the rest of his life under mental health supervision.

In May 2018, Steven Berg stormed the house of the couple and attacked 74-year-old Deon Hewitt who was cooking dinner with his wife, Patricia. The attack ended in death.

Patricia saw the horrific crime and said to Berg in court that he “destroyed my life”.

"You destroyed my life. I couldn't even say goodbye to the man I spent the best parts of my life with…. For this I will never forgive you."

Berg was found not guilty of murder due to mental incompetence as the court was told he was suffering delusions at the time of the unprovoked and random attack.

"My husband was my best friend, taken from me in the most horrific way - You have inflicted more pain on my family than any sentence can on you - until my final day I'm to live without my husband, stuck with the memory of that night," Ms Hewitt said.

Five victim impact statements were read out in court by family members of Leon, as his grandchildren outlined their grief and the toll his passing had on their mental health.

"When we were feeling down, we had Pop to call," they said.

Leon and Patricia’s daughter Vanessa said that as long as Berg is detained “society is a safer place”.

"the day you took dad from us, we lost a mother as well - I fear for the day Berg is released - While he is detained, society is a safer place,” she said.

Berg is being held in the secure mental health facility of James Nash House.