Woman left seriously injured in ALDI car park brawl

Woman left seriously injured in ALDI car park brawl

A woman is recovering after being injured in a violent mass brawl at a supermarket car park.

Police say an argument that turned violent erupted in an ALDI car park off Garratt Way, Manchester, at 4 am on Sunday.

Officers found nearly 50 people scattered across the lot and a woman in her 30s left seriously injured.

It is alleged she was hit by a car, however her injuries are not life-threatening.

No arrests have been made but police who live in the area claim they heard screams coming from the car park.

One resident said he was woken up by loud noises as he tried to sleep.

"I heard shouting and screaming,” he recounted.

“I just thought it was normal things but then the screaming didn’t stop. I saw a lot of people in the parking lot screaming at each other."

The ALDI store remained open to shoppers the following morning however the car park was taped off as investigators searched the scene.

“Police were called at 4 am this morning (Sunday 15 August) to a report of a large fight involving nearly 50 people at a car park off Garratt Way, Manchester,” a statement from police said

"On officers' arrival, the group dispersed and a woman in her 30s was being treated in an ambulance. It is believed a vehicle had collided with her, and she suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries.

"No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing."