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Serial killer too dangerous to set free

Serial killer too dangerous to set free

Known as the ‘Cowboy killer,’ Regina Arthurell will be supervised for another two years after a Supreme Court judge found it would be far too dangerous to set her free.

Arthurell was jailed and served almost 24 years behind bars as Reginald Arthurell but recently she’s transitioned to a woman.

Arthurell was sentenced to jail for bashing to death her fiancée, Venet Mulhall, at Coonabarabran in 1995. At the time, Arthurell was on parole for killing her stepfather and a sailor in the 1970s and '80s.

As Arthurell came to the end of her sentence, she underwent a hearing and Justice Richard Button ruled: "In light of the established pattern of fatal harm being repeatedly inflicted by the defendant that began approaching 50 years ago, for her to be completely at liberty in the community would simply be far too dangerous."

The state was seeking a three-year order but was granted two years.

This judgement was made despite the fact Arthurell is now 75 years old and in poor physical health.

"A frail, even physically disabled, person can inflict fatal harm once armed with a weapon," Justice Button said.

Arthurell will be subject to 47 conditions, which include electronic monitoring and alcohol rehabilitation.

"The defendant, as I have said, is leading a very difficult, lonely life," Justice Button said, adding: "It is not unrealistic to think that she might begin to seek solace in alcohol, with potentially disastrous consequences."

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