Queen caught up in new royal security scare

Queen caught up in new royal security scare

The Queen has been caught up in two major security scares in just six days.

Reports claim two intruders, a 31-year-old man and his 29-year-old girlfriend, scaled a fence at Windsor’s Royal Lodge on April 25.

Police intercepted the couple and arrested them.

The lodge is home to Prince Andrew, near where Queen Elizabeth regularly walks her corgi dogs and goes horse riding.

Queen's Windsor Estate

The breach follow just six days after a woman was mistakenly allowed into the Lodge grounds by security guards.

The 44-year-old Spanish national claimed to be Andrew’s fiancée and was waved through by guards at the gate.

The intruder spent 20 minutes travelling around the grounds before they attempted to enter the building.

She told security her name “Irene Windsor” and proclaimed she was engaged to the Duke of York.

Maps of the residence and a self-defence key ring were allegedly found in her handbag.

Speaking to The Sun, Princess Diana’s former protection officer Ken Wharfe has called for security to tighten their reign on royal households.

He said they are “totally unacceptable and make the Queen vulnerable.”

“This is very worrying and things really need to change,” he added.

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