Man causes $45,000 in damages trying to "resurrect" dead grandmother

Man causes $45,000 in damages trying to "resurrect" dead grandmother

A man from Tennessee, USA has been arrested after causing $45,000 worth of damages to a cemetery after he wanted to "resurrect" his dead grandmother. 

Danny Frazier, 34, told police that he was a "ghost whisperer" and has since been accused of breaking headstones and digging holes during a failed seance.

Police responded to reports of vandalism in the cemetery around 2:30 pm and found Frazier at the scene.

It was here he admitted to causing the damage to bring his grandmother back to life.

Online records show that his grandmother, Edna Ruth Frazier, died aged 70 in June 2012.

Danny has since been charged with vandalism and criminal trespass. He is being held in jail with a bond for $20,000 and his first hearing is scheduled for October 19th.