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Main legal issues facing seniors

Main legal issues facing seniors

As we age so do our legal requirements, and the issues we can expect to face. While sometimes these issues are unavoidable, it’s important to know your rights.

We’ve taken a look at the main legal issues facing seniors. Understanding what to expect if you have to face these issues will put you in the best position to navigate them successfully, ensuring your wishes are fulfilled and your rights are upheld. 

Decision making to safeguard your wishes

Should something happen, you want to be confident your wishes will be upheld. You can do this by appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney, which is someone who had the legal authority to manage your affairs when you are no longer able to.

When choosing an Enduring Power of Attorney, it’s important you:

  • Trust the person.
  • Be confident they have no conflict of interest.
  • Be confident they can make difficult decisions.
  • Be confident they will listen to your wishes and respect your decisions.

Putting your will together

A will is a legal document that is filled with instructions for distributing your assets. To avoid common will-writing mistakes, its important be thorough when putting this document together. Ultimately you should consider consulting an expert.

Superannuation distribution

Most superannuation funds have a death benefit nomination which gives you the power to nominate where the fund will be distributed, should you pass way. A binding nomination ensures you funds will be distributed according to your wishes.

Development of living situations

Sometimes arrangement for living at home with family members can break down, leaving seniors in a vulnerable position. By planning ahead and figuring out alternatives such as aged care you will be able to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Senior abuse

Senior abuse can come in many forms – physical, psychological, financial, social abuse or neglect. If this is happening to you it’s important to seek out support. There is a range of organisations available for seniors who feel as though they’re suffering abuse, including the two below:

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