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Lisa Marie Presley to testify against estranged husband in bitter divorce case

Lisa Marie Presley to testify against estranged husband in bitter divorce case

Lisa Marie Presley will testify against her estranged husband when their bitter divorce trial goes to court on Monday.

Presley split with musician Michael Lockwood in 2016 after 10 years of marriage. They share nine-year-old twin daughters, Finley and Harper.

She says that her estranged husband has been trying to claim a share of the inheritance left to her by her late father, rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley.

According to legal documents, the 50-year-old is set to take the stand to testify that her husband had "assured her that he was not that guy" after she told him prior to their 2006 wedding that she "would not marry someone who would come after her for her money."

Presley, once worth a staggering $87 million, asked Lockwood to sign a post-nup for peace of mind after their marriage. The post-nup was signed by both parties and stated that neither would pursue the other for support "at any time, regardless of the circumstances."

"So much for assurances," Presley's attorney, Gary Fishbein, said of Lockwood, who is now contesting the post-nup with Presley.

Lockwood, 57, is arguing the document be void because he was coerced into signing it, and his lawyer at the time, who has since died, failed to properly explain the terms of the agreement.

"Lockwood cannot now complain that he's sorry he entered the agreement because he doesn't like the terms," said Fishbein. "He knew what he was signing, was represented and cannot invalidate the agreement because he has a case of sour grapes."

In her count documents, Presley has claims that she is $22 million in debt, with $14 million owed in back in taxes. However, Lockwood refutes this, claiming Presley earns around $5.8 million every year, or $480,000 a month, thanks to a trust set up by her father.

The trial is expected to last four days.