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There is an embarrassing mistake in the Australian citizenship test

There is an embarrassing mistake in the Australian citizenship test

An English expat has found a mistake on the Australian citizenship test and was left stumped when she came across a question that had three incorrect answers.

DailyMail reports the woman has been studying the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond booklet in anticipation of the quiz, when she came across a misleading question regarding the size of the country’s population.

“The three options were '18 million', '22 million' and '30 million',” she told SBS.

“It made me think, ''well, I know 22 million is wrong, I know 18 million is wrong, should I just put 30 million?'”

“I told the examiner, 'I think there's a mistake in the exam'... He said ''22 million is the right one'.”

But, as DailyMail reports, 22 million is the incorrect answer as Australia’s population surpassed that mark back in 2011.

The test includes 20 questions and requires 15 correct answers to pass.

The Department of Home Affairs released a statement regarding the test: “To maintain the integrity of the citizenship test, all questions and answers are confidential. It would be inappropriate for the Department of Home Affairs to comment further on the contents of the citizenship test.

“The Common Bond Booklet contains 20 sample test questions to assist applicants in preparing for the test.

“For clients who sat the citizenship test from 1 July 2017 to 30 April 2018, the failure rate was 2.9 per cent.

“A person is allowed to attempt to pass the test on three occasions on the one day. They may attempt the test a number of times.”

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