Danielle McCarthy

Driver’s angry note goes viral: “Laziness is not a disability”

Driver’s angry note goes viral: “Laziness is not a disability”

It is becoming more commonplace for people to leave passive-aggressive notes to strangers, calling them out for behaviour they deem unacceptable.

However, one mum has shared her fury after she returned to her parked vehicle after visiting the doctor to find a note accusing her of wrongly parking in a disabled spot.

Emma Gearing took a photo of the brutal note and shared it on social media.

“Laziness is not a disability,” the note reads.

“Using a disabled badge when you don’t need it could cost you £2,000 and permanent removal of the badge. Don’t take your good health for granted.”

The 26-year-old mum slammed the author of the message for being “heartless”.

She explained that her son, Reggie, has several medical conditions and needs to be fed through a peg inserted into his stomach.

“I think it is disgusting how people can judge too quickly,” she wrote. “Pushchair, walking, wheelchair whatever is used you should never ever judge anyone! 

"I feel so sorry for anyone who has gone through this themselves.”

She said that medical disabilities are “not always obvious” and that she hopes the culprit will see the post and learn not to carelessly assume things about other people.

Emma, who hopes her post will go viral to raise awareness about unseen disabilities, has had her post shared over 150 times.