Shannen Findlay


6 strange UK laws that are still illegal today

6 strange UK laws that are still illegal today

There are some strange laws out there in the world, and Britain is not exempt from this statement.

Rules that were around from as far back as the 1300s in the UK are strangely still enforced today.

Here are 6 of the UK’s most bizarre laws that you could still get in trouble for.

1. You cannot be drunk in a pub (we don’t get this one either).

2. Unfortunately, you cannot carry a plank along a pavement in the Metropolitan Police District.

3. Do not handle salmon under suspicious circumstances, or you may face a fine.

4. Ministers are allowed to wear armour in Parliament.

5. Beach whales and sturgeons are required by law to be offered to the Reigning Monarch, so in our case Queen Elizabeth.

6. Potatoes are not to be imported into England if there is any suspicion they are from Poland.