Tue, 13 Mar, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Outrageous carpark face-off divides the internet

Outrageous carpark face-off divides the internet

Sometimes a simple trip to the shops can quickly turn into a stressful experience as you endlessly cycle the carpark in the hopes of finding one free spot.

One couple’s dashcam record an awkward stand-off that occurred after two people started fighting for a parking space.

In the footage, one woman is seen running on foot to a car space and standing in the spot despite a car simultaneously pulling in to take it.

“You’re not even in a car woman,” the man in the car said.

“Are you serious? 

With the woman insisting that she has every right to reserve the spot, she calls in for more people from her car to stand with her.

“I’m gonna stay here all day, I got time,” said the man, before beeping his horn. “You think you can frickin walk into a spot?”

The footage has divided the internet, with some saying the woman was definitely doing the wrong thing.

"Oh man I would sit on that horn like it was my little brother caught stealing halloween candy," wrote one.

"Isn't this how you get your car keyed?" added another Redditor.

However, other users said both parties were losers in this situation.

"Dude... nobody won in this video," posted one watcher. "They all looked like childish morons in the end."

After two minutes with no one making a budge, the driver finally pulled away from the spot.

Have you ever witnessed something like this? Who do you think was in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below.