"She did not like me”: Dannii Minogue's tense relationship with mother-in-law

"She did not like me”: Dannii Minogue's tense relationship with mother-in-law

Dannii Minogue was once married to actor Julian McMahon, which seems like a lifetime ago for the star. They met when they were both starring on Home and Away, but Minogue has shed some light on what their marriage was like behind the scenes, especially her relationship with her mother-in-law, Lady Sonia McMahon.

Minogue appeared on Anh’s Brush with Fame and was surprisingly candid about her past.

"His family did not like me. There's a certain social pecking order and I was definitely not in that scene. She [Sonia] only spoke to me a couple of times," Minogue explained to Anh.

Things eventually escalated to where Minogue was banned from the house.

"She would not let me go to the family house. Sometimes [Julian] had to go and collect something and I was waiting in the car out the front. It was as if I'd done something wrong to the family, but I hadn't done anything wrong," she admitted.

Lady Sonia McMahon and son Julian McMahon

Minogue also revealed that Sonia caused trouble at the wedding.

"On the actual day of the wedding there was drama. [Sonia] said she wasn't going to show up, so that's quite stressful. Julian and I were going ahead with the marriage regardless.

"So she did end up coming and was causing a scene … it wasn't the greatest … it was hard. I just tried to stay away from it, I just wanted to enjoy the day."

The marriage lasted for 18 months, with the pair divorcing in 1996.

The pair have both since moved on, as Julian is onto his third marriage after tying the knot with Kelly Paniagua in 2014, and Minogue shares 8-year-old son Ethan with her ex Kris Smith, and is in a relationship with music producer, Adrian Newman.