Danielle McCarthy


5 mistakes you missed in M*A*S*H

5 mistakes you missed in M*A*S*H

M*A*S*H aired from 1972-83 and was set in the Korean War which occurred from 1950 to 1953. This series is one of the best pieces of pop culture that showcased the conflict.

However, as much as the series tried to remain as periodically accurate as possible there were some errors that slipped through. Here are five mistakes that went over most fans’ heads.

1. The Avengers comic

In one episode, Radar has fallen asleep with a teddy bear whilst reading an issue of “The Avengers”. However, the comic was not created until 1963 – a decade after the war ended.

2. Movie night

When the characters gather to watch My Darling Clementine starring Henry Ford there is one mistake that snuck through. Although the movie choice is accurate as it was released in 1946, Radar stands up and does a John Wayne impression, saying: “I’m not gonna hit ya… I’m not gonna hit ya… Like hell I’m not!”. It’s a reference from McLintock! which was only released in 1963.

3. Spot-a-Card

The Officer’s Club at the 4077th has a lot of fun activities including the pinball game Spot-a-Card. However, this game was first created in August 1960.

4. The model helicopter

In Henry Blake’s office, there is a model helicopter hanging from the ceiling. This model Bell Huey UH-1 helicopter did not fly until 1956 though.

5. The Olympics pistol

When it is M*A*S*H Olympics, Potter uses a Smith & Wesson Model 19 snub-nosed pistol to siren the race. This gun was not on the market until the late 1950s.