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Eric Bana’s new true crime TV series that fans can't get enough of

Eric Bana’s new true crime TV series that fans can't get enough of

True crime thriller Dirty John has been receiving accolades from critics all around the globe. Starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton, the Netflix series is based on a true story, revolving around John Meehan – a con artist and sociopath.

Britton plays Debra Newell, 59, an interior designer who hasn’t had much success when it comes to love. After a series of embarrassing dates, she crosses paths with 55-year-old John (Bana), a charming doctor.

Set in California’s Newport Harbor, the story then slowly reveals Debra’s infatuation with John, but her entitled daughter Veronica (Juno Temple) gets a feeling that something isn’t quite right.

While the first half of the series is predictable, with many choosing to opt out before reaching the end, the show's strength lies with the story-tellers' providing an insight into human nature.

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The way people deal with trauma, past relationships, their beliefs and their desires – and how all of this factor into their strange behaviour and decisions.

On one end we have Debra rationalising John’s mistakes due to her unlucky history with love and men, and on the other we have her nephew Toby (Kevin Zegers) providing excuses for the murder of his own mother.

The final result is a show that is intense and gripping, and one that will keep you hooked all the way through.

If you enjoy true crime, then this TV show is one that cannot be missed, as Bana and Britton provide a valuable insight into the minds of their characters.

All eight episodes of Dirty John can be streamed on Netflix.

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