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Awkward ending as Ellen DeGeneres reunites two long-lost friends

Awkward ending as Ellen DeGeneres reunites two long-lost friends

A girl who took to Twitter to find her long-lost friend was reunited with her on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show – but things didn’t go according to plan.

Virginia resident Brianna Cry tweeted in November a childhood snap of her sitting with a young girl who she met for one night on a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2006.

She hoped the tweet would help her track down her friend Heidi, and after going viral, Brianna found her friend 11 hours after she had posted the photo.

The heartwarming story reached Ellen, and so of course, the talk show host had to reunite them by inviting them both on the show.

The two women met for the second time after 12 years, but the reunion fell short as it became obvious that Heidi wasn’t as eager to meet Brianna as everyone hoped she would.

The segment started off with Brianna and Heidi sitting down on the couch with Heidi feigning shock when she discovered Brianna flew from interstate just to meet her.

“You flew in from Virginia?” asked Heidi.

Ellen then proceeded to ask Heidi if she felt a “connection” with Brianna on the dinner cruise where the two originally met, but her answer wasn’t what anyone was expecting.

“I think … yeah I did,” she said. “I mean, it was just for the one day. I’m sorry, but it was.”

Despite Ellen’s best efforts, the awkwardness between the pair didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

“They don’t even look like they’re glad to see each other,” tweeted one person.

“The Asian girl didn’t seem enthused at all to see her long lost friend from that cruise. I felt sorry for the other girl. She was just kinda pushed to the side,” wrote another.

One thing that did excite Heidi was Ellen presenting both ladies with $10,000 to help pay for university.