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7 facts you never knew about Home and Away

7 facts you never knew about Home and Away

Home and Away was first broadcasted on January 17, 1988, and since that time, it has established a reputation as one of the most popular Australian soap operas.

Here are the lesser known facts about Home and Away.

1. It’s (loosely) based on a true story

H&A started with the story of the Fletcher family, who moved to Summer Bay to run a caravan park. The family had five foster kids, which created the opportunity for plenty of drama. This idea was loosely based on a true story. Seven’s Head of Drama, Alan Bateman, was searching for a new drama to create after Neighbours moved to ten. When he was on a holiday at Kangaroo Point, he started talking with locals who were up in arms about a foster home that was being established. After noticing the impact that wily city kids were having on the community, he came up with the idea of the show.

2. Despite its popularity, Home and Away receives plenty of complaints

Many Aussie viewers are divided over H&A – some watch it religiously, while others can’t stand it. Despite the shows ratings, in the past many have thought the content was too racy for a 7pm timeslot. In 2005-2006, it was the 8th most complained about show on Australian TV.

3. There was an alternate title

Originally, the drama was going to be titled Refuge but once the series began production, it was changed to a more friendlier Home and Away.

4. Where the show is really filmed

While many fans know that the stunning scenery of Summer Bay is set on Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches, many don’t know the interior shots are filmed far from the beach. The interiors are shot at Australian Technology Park in Redfern, Sydney.

5. The theme song was released as a single

In 1989, the theme song of the show was released as a single in the UK. The song hit no. 73 of the UK charts.

6. The filming time for one week of episodes

The crew and actors of the show are on a very tight schedule. It only takes two weeks to film one week’s worth of episodes. In one week, the indoor studio scenes are shot and then the following week, the outdoor scenes are shot. There is one group filming the outdoor scenes whilst another group films the indoor scenes, and then they swap.

7. It’s not always summer in Summer Bay

Although the sunrise shots on the show look idyllic, you may spot some goosebumps if you look closely. These shots are filmed in winter, so actors have to battle cold ocean winds as they act like they are enjoying Summer Bay.

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