Tue, 4 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's strict rule for daughters

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's strict rule for daughters

Despite the accolades and Academy Award, Nicole Kidman has proven that when it comes to raising her children, she’s just like us.

Living in Tennessee with her husband Keith Urban, Nicole has revealed the one thing her children Sunday, 10, and Faith, 7, are not allowed to do.

And that’s obsessing over the internet and television.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, the 51-year-old has banned handheld electronic devices from their home.

“We have a no-devices house. Their friends can’t bring devices over. The general rule is: play, hardcore and outside,” she told The Guardian.

“We have periods at home when we don’t turn on the TV and try to have a detox from it all,” she said.

And she stands firmly behind her decision and says she would “recommend [it] to anyone” as she claims her children find entertainment through backyard activities and playing with animals.

Growing up, Nicole belonged to a Catholic family and she still upholds the tradition of attending church.

“We go to Catholic church, or sometimes we will go to a gospel church for the music. That singing and joy is so wonderful,” she told The Observer.

But her father revealed he was an atheist when Nicole was a teenager.

Recounting the memory of her father Antony, Nicole said: “He was a very gentle man, with a really strong social conscience. He told me he would still live by the Ten Commandments, but he was an atheist. And I said: ‘No, I want you to believe in God!’”

“It was difficult for a child. I still go to church. I love the ritual. But that’s me and my choice.”