New research shows baby boomers are less threatened by technology in the workplace

New research shows baby boomers are less threatened by technology in the workplace

New research commissioned by technology leader Genesys has shown that older generations are significantly more positive towards artificial technology in Australia and New Zealand.

The new research also suggested that older generations are more comfortable with the implementation of modern workforce tools as opposed to younger respondents.

70 per cent of respondents aged 18-38 years believe there should be a minimum requirement of human employees over AI/bots compared to 59 per cent of respondents aged 55-73 years. The younger respondents appear to be more cautious of the implementation of this technology compared to more senior respondents.

All age demographics have reported seeing the benefit of advanced technology in the workplace, with an average of 87 per cent stating that it has a positive impact.

However, 23 per cent of respondents aged 18 – 38 reported feeling threatened by new technology in the workplace. 

Gwilym Funnell, Vice President of Sales and Managing Director for Genesys in Australia and New Zealand said, “Older generations are valuable members of our workplace, and these results dispel the myth that they are averse to technology. 

“The evolution of business is calling for greater adaptability; this is when experience can be leveraged for greater success.”

The survey also uncovered another key difference between the generations, which was the perception of the impact of technology on social interactions.

44% of respondents aged 55-73 years report technology does not inhibit social interactions at all, while those aged 18-38 years report it does – 7% more than their older peers.