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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards showcase hilarious moments

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards showcase hilarious moments

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are an opportunity for photographers to capture the beauty of the animal kingdom, with a comedic twist. 

This year’s finalists have produced images of all shapes and sizes striking unexpected and silly poses. 

From giraffes in Africa and polar bears in the Arctic, to pigeons in the city and otters in rivers, these animals have been immortalised in these hilarious photographs.

The finals for the competition will take place on October 22nd, with judges set to have a difficult time choosing from the pictures. 

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards began in 2015, and was established with the goal of promoting the conservation of wildlife and their surrounds through the use of positive and upbeat imagery. 

The unique use of humorous images has seen the competition gain a global following, and offers a new approach to building conservation awareness. 

The photographs “transcend cultures and ages to bring a smile to everyone’s face”, through these hilarious animal moments that would otherwise remain unseen. 

Image credit: Comedy Wildlife Awards

Photography credits:

  1. Monkey riding a giraffe: Dirk Jan Steehouwer
  2. Pigeon blinded by a leaf: John Speirs
  3. Argumentative polar bears: Cheryl Strahl
  4. Surprised baby otter: Chee Kee Teo
  5. Excitable fish: Chi Han Lin
  6. Stunned eagle: Arthur Trevino
  7. Bear lazing in the dirt: Wenona Suydam
  8. Dancing monkeys: Sarosh Lodhi