5 of the funniest tweets from actor Sam Neill

5 of the funniest tweets from actor Sam Neill

Actor and wine maker Sam Neill has taken to Twitter with ease, much to the delight of his fans and other celebrities.

The Jurassic Park actor frequently documents life on his farm with his animals that have names of celebrities as an “insurance policy”. 

“It doesn’t always end well,” he told Vulture.

“Meryl Streep was killed by a ferret recently … Hugo Weaving was another unfortunate end, but he died happy. He was a ram. He was doing what rams do — he fell off the back of a female sheep.”

He also shares videos of his grandson, as seen below.

1. Sam playing with his grandson

This is a popular tweet by fans, but you have to watch until the end to really appreciate it. 

2. Getting angry at James Corden for being a “murderer”

Sam Neill played Mr McGreggor in the reboot of Peter Rabbit, who met an unfortunate end thanks to Peter, who is voiced by Corden.

He let his anger be known in the tweet below, calling Corden a “murderer” and that he has “no idea why HE’S [Peter Rabbit] the hero & not old Mr.McG.”

3. This selfie with a “random fan”

Neill makes a point for his twitter feed to be humorous and refreshing as he “enjoys Twitter”.

He told The Cut about how he got started on the platform.

“They [co-workers in Two Paddocks office] told me that social media was important,” he said.

“I’d never heard of it. I started Facebook, but I didn’t like it at all. It filled me with existential dread.

“But I found I enjoyed Twitter. The economy of 140 characters was really appealing; every tweet was like a lame haiku”.

Although he usually posts photos and videos of his farm animals, he made an exception for a selfie with a “random fan”. The fan just so happens to be Chris Hemsworth.

4. Singing with pigs

As Neill lives on a farm in Otago, New Zealand, he has “so many free-range animals that they’re almost feral”.

He shared with his Twitter followers a “duet” with his pig.

5. Getting mistaken for Hugo Weaving

Although people might recognise Sam Neill from somewhere, it’s clear that not many know who he is.

Neill documented an experience with a fan saying that he’s Hugo Weaving.