Tue, 24 Apr, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The household item that will completely disappear in less than 20 years

The household item that will completely disappear in less than 20 years

New research predicts that there is one household item that could be extinct within two decades.

Due to mobile phones, NBN, Wi-Fi and social media, this formerly popular product is slowly disappearing from households.

Research by has found that the number of Aussies who own a home phone has dropped by nearly 20 per cent in six years.

In 2011, 83 per cent of Aussie households owned a home phone and in 2017, that number dropped to 64 per cent.

The research predicts that only 50 per cent of Australian households will have a home phone by 2021.

Finder Tech and Telco Expert Alex Kidman said by 2035, only 7 per cent of the nation would have landlines.

He said the disinterest in home phones has already hit, particularly with the younger generation.

“It's likely that many young Aussies will grow up without the sound of a landline ringing through their homes,” he said. 

“Most (mobile) phone providers offer plans with unlimited calls and text for prices similar to, and often less than, landline line rental fees.

“If you're receiving reliable reception there's really no need to fork out for a landline phone too.

“With the rollout of the NBN, it's likely we could see homes ditch their landline a lot sooner than we anticipate.”

The research found that 15 per cent of people only have a landline for internet and 13 per cent have a home phone they never use.