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Pink's daughter Willow rushed to hospital

Pink's daughter Willow rushed to hospital

Singer Pink was faced with a quite a scare yesterday as she had to rush her 7-year-old daughter to hospital after an accident in the playground.

Willow Hart was playing on the monkey bars like all children do before she fell and sprained her arm. But despite the mad rush to the hospital, the young girl has a positive attitude.

“Monkey bars from hell. ER convos with my soulchild. #shesfine,” the singer wrote underneath a photo showing the mother and daughter in a deep conversation while in a hospital room. “Her fav part of all of this is that she doesn’t have to do her chores.”

It didn’t take Willow long before she was running around again, but this time, there was an added sling.

Her dad Carey Hart gushed over his girl, saying she’s as tough as they come.

“Willz [had] her first ER trip today due to a crash and burn on the monkey bars. She is tough as nails and left w/ a sprain,” wrote Hart, as he posted a photo of Willow with a sling around her arm.

This isn’t the first health scare the family has had to deal with this year, as only two months ago, Pink and Carey’s 22-month-old son Jameson fell ill with with hand, foot and mouth disease during the pop star's tour in Australia.

“Wanna know how glamorous tour can be? Jameson has hand, foot and mouth; and Willow has a 102 temp,” Carey shared on Instagram during the time of the incident. “Both kids laid up and mama @pink still has to push through and do shows.”

And it wasn’t only her kids that had suffered with health problems. Pink also fell sick during her time in Australia which resulted in a number of cancelled Sydney shows. She was admitted to hospital twice, once for dehydration and then the second was due to a gastric virus.

“We were absolutely planning on going ahead with the show, and about 20 minutes before I left for soundcheck, I was rushed to the hospital, in excruciating pain,” she wrote. “That was the reason for the late cancellation. It was out of anyone’s control, and of course, wasn’t planned that way."

The singing sensation added, “I was discharged from hospital last night and am following doctors’ orders of liquids and rest.”