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Just like dad! Phil Collins hands the drums to son Nic on Aussie tour

Just like dad! Phil Collins hands the drums to son Nic on Aussie tour

Legendary musician, Phil Collins, has taken his 17-year-old son on the road with him.

Nic Collins is enjoying every chance he gets to learn more about what his dad does and explained how the experience has brought them closer together. The pair are travelling around Australia on the ‘Still Not Dead Yet’ tour.

“It’s fun. Dad kind of retired so he could spend more time with me and my brother,” Nic said.

“But I always wanted him to go back on the road, so touring with him and sharing these memories with him has been great.

“We have a really good relationship, and, like any son and dad, you have your arguments here and there — and the same thing with my mum — but there has never been anything (bad) between us, we have always got on really well.”

However, just because Nic is the son of Phil Collins doesn’t mean he gets away with making mistakes.

“He’ll [Phil] tell me if he’s not feeling something. He’ll say ‘this was too slow or too fast’ — I’m lucky that hasn’t happened too often so I’m doing a decent job.

“I’m just the drummer and I do what I’m supposed to do and that’s my thing. I’m not going to say, ‘I’m the boss’s son’,”

This humble attitude has made Nic realise that he’s closer to his dad than he initially thought.

“It’s really cool to share it with him and see the love that he gets every night from the people that turn up to the show.

“I realise we have a lot more in common than I thought we did.”

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