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Inside the new “acoustically perfect” $400 million concert hall in London

Inside the new “acoustically perfect” $400 million concert hall in London

The first designs have been unveiled to provide a “world class concert hall” in the centre of London. The current site is a London roundabout, but there are plans to turn it into the Centre for Music.

The Centre of Music will have a road running beneath it, as to not impact the flow of traffic. It’s being entirely funded by commercial backers and philanthropists and is looking to cost around £228 million (NZD$432 million).

The London Symphony Orchestra couldn’t be more thrilled with the new designs and plans, as they have high hopes for the space.

According to the London Symphony Orchestra website, the Centre includes a state-of-the-art concert hall as well as spaces for performance, education and rehearsal.

The website goes onto explain:

“It [the Centre] aims, above all, to be a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the joy of music-making first hand. Aiming to create a new civic space that draws the public from all directions, and which hosts a mix of outdoor programmes and social spaces, the approach ensures the Centre would be a beehive of activity both day and night – creating a place where people want to spend time, even without a concert ticket.”

Check out the gallery above to see the first designs. It’s set to be a stunner.