Wed, 9 Jan, 2019Basmah Qazi

Elvis fans celebrate the king of rock’s 84th birthday

Elvis Presley fans couldn’t contain their excitement after countless items of the rock star’s memorabilia had gone on sale on January 8 to mark what would have been the legend’s 84th birthday.

A few of the hundred items included the contract Elvis signed to purchase his estate at Graceland, which was expected to sell for close to $100,000, along with diamond ring he gave to his father as a gift, a red velvet shirt he wore during a performance in Mississippi in 1956 and a belt buckle by Rolls-Royce.

Not everything that was auctioned off was on the grand scale of things, such as stubs from concert tickets and movie posters from the films he was featured in.

The auction took place at The Guest House at Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Each item – 404 to be exact – were from private collectors and all profits will go to them directly.

The most popular item proved to be a police baton given to the singer in 1976 by police officers in Colorado, with 22 bids and the final sale price of $2,500.

The contract for Elvis’ property at Graceland was being sold for a minimum of $25,000 as it contained the signatures of his parents Vernon and Gladys.

“It is arguably the most significant and historic Elvis Presley document as it represents the purchase of one of the most iconic and highly visited homes in the United States,” the website reads.

“The home receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom make the trek with an almost religious zeal.

“While Elvis’ popularity has never waned, the continued attraction and appeal of his Graceland home is comparable in fame and distinction.”

The red velvet shirt that he wore during a concert in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1956 sold for $37,500.

But it’s not just material objects that were for sale in the auction, but also experiences such as a private two-hour tour of Graceland’s archives which feature over 50,000 photographs.

Other intangible offers included a private evening tour and dinner for 24 guests and a tour of Graceland with Elvis’ cousin himself, Jimmy Gambill.

The most affordable item on the list was a concert ticket stub from 1970 which sold for $187.50.

Scroll through the gallery above to look at some of the items that were featured in the auction.