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How an innocent dance with Camilla cost this TV star his job

How an innocent dance with Camilla cost this TV star his job

Did a TV star get sacked because of a dance with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall? That’s the question on everyone’s lips after Brendan Cole, a New Zealand-born professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK’s version of Dancing with the Stars), was fired from the show.

The Duchess, who is understood to be a fan of the show, reportedly agreed to dance with Cole during a charity event at Buckingham Palace in November.

"I love this," Cole captioned the above photo. "I asked the delightful Duchess of Cornwall if it was ok to ask her to dance. Luckily she said yes ... What a charming host and a wonderful day at Buckingham Palace."

However, it has been alleged that Cole broke royal protocol by dancing with Camilla (royals are not to be touched in any manner beyond a handshake), and many believe it to be the reason for his sacking.

A show insider told The Sun it was “the last straw”, saying he displayed “arrogance and diva behaviour” by going against detailed instructions on how to handle himself in front of the royals.

“It was a tea dance in aid of an osteoporosis charity encouraging older people to stay active and each of the professionals was to pair up with the guests while Craig danced with Camilla,” the insider said.

“But Brendan being Brendan had to make it about him and ignored everyone and made a beeline for Camilla – who politely didn’t cause a scene. Everyone was outraged by the cheek of his actions, he always has to be centre of attention.”

Despite the insider’s comments, a spokesperson for the Duchess of Cornwall said Camilla “thoroughly enjoyed” the dance, and Cole himself denies it was why he lost his job after 14 years on the show. He also claims the BBC did not brief him on royal protocol prior to the event.

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Image credit: Brendan Cole/Instagram.