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Why Kevin Bacon is “super, super jealous” of his wife Kyra Sedgwick

Why Kevin Bacon is “super, super jealous” of his wife Kyra Sedgwick

Footloose star Kevin Bacon honoured his actress wife Kyra Sedgwick on Saturday at an award show with a comedic and heartwarming speech.

In his speech for Sedgwick at the Creative Coalition’s Spotlight Initiative Awards, the 60-year-old had a few funny words to welcome her on stage.

“She got this boatload of awards and nominations. I know this because I was super, super jealous of that,” the actor said. “I’m hoping that’ll happen for me someday.”

The 53-year-old actress upon accepting her award told her husband he was the love of her life.

The lovely couple have been married for over 30 years, tying the knot on September 4, 1988. Both actors met on the set of Lanford Wilson’s play Lemon Sky.

The couple have had a famous long Hollywood love affair ever since.

“I had no great role models in terms of healthy marriages,” Sedgwick explained to Good Housekeeping, elaborating on her venture capitalist dad and educator mother’s split when she was three.

“But I knew in my heart and soul that he was the right person.

“It was the unquestionable truth of mine. I’ve never had anything like that before or after.”

The couple share two children together, Travis, 29, and Sosie who is 26 – both taking after their parents as actors.

Both Bacon and Sedgwick have been making headlines for their "fairytale" relationship since it’s beginning.

"People say it's this fairytale thing," Sedgwick told to Redbook.

“But it's life. We just love each other a lot."