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The must-see movies you cannot miss

The must-see movies you cannot miss

March is the month for movies. With so many great releases, it’s impossible to not visit the cinema at least once. Whether you enjoy action, or prefer something for the entire family, this month there’s a movie for you.

Here are our top picks:

1. Captain Marvel – March 6

It’s taken exactly 20 films and 10 years to finally get to Captain Marvel, and now that she’s here, fans won’t be disappointed. Starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, Captain Marvel is for all the Marvel fans who have been eagerly waiting for his film to hit the big screen.

2. Dumbo – March 28

With Disney remaking every animated classic, Dumbo is the latest in the series to be released. The big-eared elephant has come to life in this emotional fairy-tale, with the live-action making you cry just as much as you did when you first watched the animated movie.

3. A Dog’s Way Home – March 6

Dogs are a man’s best friend, so this movie is sure to pull on your heart strings. Perfect for the whole family, A Dog’s Way Home is a tale of a young puppy’s journey to reunite herself with her owner. Capturing the heart of many strangers along the way, this movie is perfect for animal lovers.

4. Destroyer – March 21

Her performance in Destroyer earnt her a Golden Globe nomination and accolades from critics around the world. Undergoing a complete makeunder, Nicole Kidman really captures the essence of a detective consumed by guilt.

Will you be going to the cinema to watch any of these movies? Let us know in the comments below.