The 10 favourite movies voted by you

The 10 favourite movies voted by you

The following ten movies were selected as classics by you, the reader. Do you think you have seen them all?

1. Casablanca

"I came to it late but it brings the magic ingredients of two stars in their early prime - Bergman and Bogart- plus the sound track and that song - As Time Goes By - and, underlying it all, the timeless message about state sponsored oppression."


2. To Kill a Mockingbird

"A classic movie seen and experiences through the eyes of scout about the justice her father dealt out through the troubled times."


3. Like Water for Chocolate

"It's fresh, rich, layered... and very re-watchable!"


4. Gone With The Wind

"I really enjoyed watching it, twice at cinema and then on DVD. It got my attention every time. An absolute classic film filled with excitement, love and adventure."


5. Rebecca

"A dark, gothic story shining with strong characters, twisting plots and haunting images."


6. Grease

"Grease is a classic and great to sing along to! Feel good movie!"


7. The Sound of Music

"It's simply a feel good, beautiful family movie. I've loved it since I was a little girl and so do my children and grandchildren. Timeless."


8. Out Of Africa

"For the poignancy, truth, sheer beauty and human dignity. I could watch it anytime and feel lifted to a higher place."


9. My Left Foot

"It was brilliantly acted by Daniel Day-Lewis. Absolutely convincing performance!"


10. Finding Nemo

"I am 71 years of maturity and my favourite film is Finding Nemo.

"It brings home the story of The Great Barrier Reef. Now the whole world knows of our beautiful Wonder of the World.

"It has created interest of children of all ages, worldwide.

"Now, maybe those young children knowing about Nemo and the other reef fish and other reef animals, will grow up with the knowledge that they are the future of helping to save our Great Barrier Reef.

"The Reef is on my doorstep, I love the reef and I hope more people will become aware of what is needed to preserve the Great Barrier Reef for the next generation and those generations to follow."


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