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Keep an eye out for these 5 films from the Byron Bay International Film Fest

Keep an eye out for these 5 films from the Byron Bay International Film Fest

Though the Byron Bay International Film Festival has ended for this year, that doesn’t mean you missed out on its offerings.

The nature of the Aussie film festival means that some films are already out, like these five, while others are screened ahead of their airing to the general public.

With that in mind, here are five short films in this year’s programme that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Inner Portraits

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Photographic artist RJ Poole has made a rare appearance in front of the camera in Inner Portraits. The short documentary sees the Lismore photographer become the subject, relating his experiences as a soldier in Australia’s SAS regiment during his youth, interspersed with some of his proudest work.

Having made its appearances at the Melbourne Documentary and St Kilda film festivals, the public release date for Inner Portraits is yet to be announced.

Perfect Storm

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Set on the wild coast of Auckland, Perfect Storm follows one man’s enforced isolation from his loved ones during the pandemic. With a cast of just two, Perfect Storm shows how coming home to oneself and the environment can be a silver lining amid loneliness.

CWA: Judgement Day

Image: Byron Bay International Film Festival

Step inside the Country Women’s Association, an Australian icon and backbone of rural living, through CWA: Judgement Day. Set in a nondescript Canberra building, it follows a group of women gathering for a secret initiation into the world of judging for the CWA.

With its world premiere at the Byron Bay film festival, this is one film to be on the lookout for.

The Handyman

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An Australian drama, The Handyman starts with Evelyn (Alison Whyte, The Dressmaker) about to end her life, until she is interrupted by an awkward handyman (Nathaniel Dean, Alien: Covenant). His need for work collides with Evelyn’s desire to make him leave, and she discovers that he has problems of his own to contend with.

The Handyman has been making appearances at film festivals around the world since its premiere in Cairo last year, with its public release date still to be confirmed.


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Dandelion takes on the tough subject of loving someone and supporting them on their mental health journey with quirks and comedy, all while replacing the strong female character trope with a more nuanced, vulnerable protagonist.