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The 1957 photo that shows uncanny resemblance between Prince Harry and Prince Philip

The 1957 photo that shows uncanny resemblance between Prince Harry and Prince Philip

Although Prince Harry has been plagued with nasty speculation about whether his birth was the result of his late mother’s five-year affair with James Hewitt, a new photo proves that his genes run deep in the royal family.

After Princess Diana’s riding instructor went public with their affair, some claimed the Duke of Sussex resembled Mr Hewitt because they both have red hair.

However, a resurfaced photo of a young Prince Philip has gone viral, with many royal fans noticing his “uncanny” likeness to his 34-year-old grandson.

The vintage photo taken in 1957 shows Prince Philip in his mid-30s appearing on the cover of Paris Match magazine wearing a military uniform.

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A post shared by Chris Jackson (@chrisjacksongetty) on Oct 20, 2018 at 3:14pm PDT

Photographer Chris Jackson shared a photo of the publication to Instagram and wrote: “I spotted this beautiful 1957 vintage cover of a @parismatch_magazine… Who does it remind you of?”

According to the Evening Standard, the vintage shot shows the 97-year-old husband of the Queen “wearing the tropical dress of the Blues and Royals” – the same uniform worn by Harry at the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney during his Australian tour.

The image has since gone viral, with many admitting they mistook Prince Philip for his grandson at first.

“That’s amazing! The resemblance is spot on. I thought it WAS Harry on the Paris Match cover and had to re-read the post. Awesome comparison,” one Instagram user wrote.

Another added: “What a find. Uncanny resemblance. Quite handsome both of them.”

“Think this photograph may put some of those ugly rumours to bed,” a follower posted.

James Hewitt made headlines after he revealed his affair with Diana and attempted to sell 64 personal letters from the People’s Princess – a move that many fans were disgusted by.

Before her death in 1997, Diana attributed the colour of her youngest son’s hair to her side of the family, referring to him as her “little Spencer”.

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