Meghan Markle’s book’s poor debut

Meghan Markle’s book’s poor debut

Meghan Markle’s new children’s book has had an inauspicious start as sales dive and critics seem unimpressed.

The Bench debuted at number 60 on Amazon’s children’s books chart but failed to make the top 200 bestsellers list.

Sales have been poor despite a $5.50 reduction on its initial $24 cover price on the website.

Within hours of its release, WH Smith had marked its copies with “buy one get one half price” stickers according to The Sun.

A $5.50 discount was also seen at Waterstones in Piccadilly, central London.

The poor performance comes after Kate Middleton’s photography book, Hold Still, hit the number two spot on Amazon on its release date in May.

The Duchess of Sussex said the book was based on a poem she had penned for Prince Harry on Father’s Day.

Dedicating the 34-page book to him and son Archie, she called them “the man and boy who make my heart go pump-pump.”

When it came to reviews, the book was dismissed by online critics as a vanity project that should have stayed in the family.

Alex O’Connell, arts editor at The Times, said: “The story is so lacking in action and jeopardy you half wonder if the writing job was delegated to a piece of furniture.”

The book, illustrated by US illustrator Christian Robinson, shows Meghan cradling newborn daughter Lillibet while Harry and Archie feed chickens.

A diverse group of fathers and their growing sons are also shown connecting over life’s simple pleasures throughout the book, which tells the story of an eternal bond between a father and son as witnessed through the eyes of a mother.