Elton John reveals shocking Princess Diana confession

Elton John reveals shocking Princess Diana confession

Elton John has lived quite a colourful life, from getting into an argument with Princess Diana to sharing a joke with the queen, the musician has not held back in his new autobiography, Me.

Releasing shortly after his musical biopic Rocketman, the honest memoir explores every moment of his extraordinary life.

But possibly the most anticipated revelation is regarding his relationship with the late Princess Diana, who he first became friends with in 1981 at Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday party.

He revealed that her thirst for gossip and company was irresistible, and after her separation from Prince Charles, there was a moment where Hollywood A-listers Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere competed for her attention.

Elton’s husband David found the two “squaring up to each other” and preparing to trade blows.

It was then that Stallone stormed off, saying: “I never would have come if I’d known Prince f***in’ Charming was gonna be here.”

The 72-year-old also addressed his infamous row with Diana, which he says was over a photography book featuring nearly naked men, by designer Gianni Versace – the proceeds of which were going to Elton’s Aids Foundation.

Diana had originally agreed to write the foreword but decided against it at the last minute.

The two made up in July 1997 after Versace was shot and killed. It was seven weeks before Diana herself passed away.

Elton paid tribute to the royal by playing Candle In The Wind, which he admitted to only listening to once since.

He also revealed that he felt uncomfortable that the single, which is the biggest-selling UK song of all time, stayed at Number 1 for five weeks as it meant footage of Diana’s funeral was played constantly on Top Of The Pops.