Mon, 9 Jul, 2018Melody Teh

A letter written by teenage Meghan Markle reveals her true personality

A letter written by teenage Meghan Markle reveals her true personality

An old letter written by a teenage Meghan Markle sheds light on the personality of the newest member of the royal family.

In 1993, Meghan wrote a letter to a fellow classmate who was “very shy” and a “bit of a loner”, according to her former teachers.

The Duchess of Sussex’s former headmistress, Christine Knudsen, at Immaculate Heart High School in California said she received the letter from one of the student’s in Markle’s group.

“Meghan wrote her the most wonderful loving note,” says Ms Knudsen in a new documentary How to Bag a Prince that aired on Britain’s Channel 5. “Even though Meghan was not her close friend at all. It just shows the depth of [Markle’s] heart.”

The letter reads: “Dear Michelle, You are so strong and so wonderful — your courage in strength in times of hardships is as admirable as your optimism and friendly nature.

“I am so lucky to have you in my group and to be able to lead you on this adventure. Never stop sharing your beautiful spirit and always remember how special you are. I am here if you ever need me. I love you, Meghan.”

Meghan’s kindness also extended beyond a friend in need.

According to her religious studies teacher at Immaculate Heart, young Meghan approached her about how to help the local homeless people.

Maria Pollia told the show’s producers: “One day, after class, Meghan approached me and said, ‘So tell me more about serving on Skid Row.’

“And so I suggested she continued to volunteer at this soup kitchen in her senior year. Meghan always took it a step further, not just distributing food but learning people’s names, learning their stories.”