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Top 20 book recommendations from the Over60 community

Top 20 book recommendations from the Over60 community

Being led on an engrossing and emotive journey through the pages of a magnificent book is an activity like no other. We asked you, the Over60 community, to share your favourite books, so you wouldn’t be short on recommendations once you finish your current read.

Here are the top 20 book recommendations.

1. Wild Swans by Jung Chang

“Just coming to the end of it for a second time... a true story of three daughters of China. Brilliant!” – Margaret Hallam 

2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

“Magnificent read. Markus Zusak has a very interesting, unique and engaging writing style.” – Yvonne Patterson

3. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

“Very different to most books I read, a murdered 14-year-old girl tells her story of what happened after her death. I believe there is a movie too.” – Maggie Bibby 

4. A Fortunate Life by Albert Facey

“Not long ago I finished a book by Albert Facey. A very interesting read about his growing up in the early 1900s and experiences with WWI and life. Kids these days who think they have it tough should read it.” – Graham Jackaman 

 5. The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

“Life in the coffee shop during conflict in Afghanistan, the developing friendships with many complex characters. Recommended by a friend so glad she did. Great story.” –  Merrilee Pawley

6. ‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray by Phil Murray

“The biography of ‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray, the quintessential Aussie larrikin, motorsport icon, father of water skiing in Australia, adventurer and top all round sportsman. His type will never be seen again, and I can thoroughly recommend the book as a good read.” – Darryl Wilkes 

7. Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Drums of Autumn is book four in the Outlander series. Now reading book five... all for the second time. Highly recommend.” – Vicki Stebbins 

8. The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

“I would recommend this to anyone to read, it will change your life. – Frances Van Kerk Oerle 

9. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

“It has some  great background information if you are thinking of travelling to South Africa, too.” – Anne Dunnet

10. Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes

“Please read the prequel Working Class Boy first. It's like he's talking straight to you.” – Sharron Millsteed Barker

11. The Dry and Force of Nature by Jane Harper

“I’d recommend both The Dry and Force of Nature by Jane Harper. Both great Aussie stories with mystery and whodunnit questions until the end. Another great Aussie series are books by Bronwyn Parry.” –  Vicki Newbury 

12. Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

“Fantastic read, sad but very enlightening on how humans can descend into hell and treat one another. I love books that inform us and take us into other people’s lives, it’s a great honour.”  – Lee Chilman 

13. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson

 “Perfect for 60s age group because they will appreciate the snippets of history woven throughout this very funny tale. Loved it.” – Kerrie O'Dea

14. The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh

“As usual, a great story, and just about to start its sequel, The French Promise.” – Judith Daniel 

15. The Secret Children by Alison McQueen

“A true story of two sisters fathered by a Scottish tea plantation owner in India in the 30s to a young Indian woman.” – Janelle Rosemary Campbell 

16. Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

“Love all of Steel’s books. I love how when you are reading you get caught up in her characters. They come alive. Hard coming back to reality sometimes.” – Kim McLoughlin 

17. I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

“Epic in its scale, from New York 2002 to Afghanistan to Syria… keeps you so engrossed. No low points.” – Christine Kirton

18. “B” is for Burglar by Sue Grafton

“I definitely highly recommend the series. I'm rereading them in memory of the lovely Sue who passed away in December.” – Wozzie Rose Mercer

19. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier  

“I am reading some of Daphne Du Maurier’s books, hard going but I loved My Cousin Rachel and Jamaica Inn, reading The Glassblowers now.” – Lesley Wilson

20. All That I Am by Anna Funder

“Good read about a group of German pacifists who flee Germany when Hitler comes to power.” – Margaret Shambrook