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Fergie shares rare photos of Prince Andrew on his birthday

Fergie shares rare photos of Prince Andrew on his birthday

Sarah Ferguson has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, on his 59th birthday by sharing a few never-before-seen photos.

The first photo, which appears to have to be taken on their private estate, shows the royal beaming with joy, while the second is from the day he was made Colonel of the Grenadier Guard.

The Duchess captioned the post with, “Happy Birthday Andrew @hrhthedukeofyork.”

Even Princess Eugenie hopped on board, as she posted a series of rare photos showing her dad as a child and on her wedding day last year.

“Happy Birthday to you Papa … we are so proud of you in everything you have achieved in your 59 years!! @hrhthedukeofyork.”

Despite their marriage ending in divorce, the Duke and Duchess of York are famously known to have a very close relationship with each other. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Fergie spoke about her bond with the Prince, and how the two chose to raise their daughters.

“The way I have been a mother to my girls, is I never hide anything from them,” Fergie said during the show. “So, the fears, we address them straight on. Beatrice is 30 and Eugenie is 28, they are young women now and they have their own voice.

“I believe in example by leadership.

“The way we have always managed to be very, very solidified as a team together, of course with the Duke of York, who is a great father, is family unity [and] talking about any issue.”

Happy 59th birthday Prince Andrew!

Scroll through the gallery above to see the heartwarming photos Fergie and Eugenie shared of the royal.