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One can now keep tattoos forever

One can now keep tattoos forever

Tattoos are a permanent expression of one’s self wherein your skin is the forever canvas, and the younger generations are embracing this trend more than ever before. Now, it seems, some are not content with art that lasts a lifetime: no, today, you can also preserve your tattoos after you die.

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) is now offering the option to preserve your tattoos by letting them know you want your art to carry on after you in advance. From there, upon your passing, the non-profit organisation works with an embalmer to remove the tattoo and frame it, sending it to the designated beneficiaries within three to six months’ time.

The service comes with a fee though: a membership fee of $US115, plus an annual $60 deposit. In exchange, your family gets $2,000 to spend on the preservation of your flesh art. See the creepy yet interesting results below. 

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