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After a mad rush through the airport, the stress of boarding the plane and the rush of blood to the head that is take off, a drink generally feels like just what the doctor ordered.

The problem is, there are some drinks that you shouldn’t be ordering.

If you order a tea, coffee or even just a plain cup of water once you’re up in the air, you could be drinking something that isn’t quite what you had bargained for.

In an interesting piece published in the Wall Street Journal, scientists found that samples of water from 14 different flights could be downright dirty.

“The results of our water-quality snapshot: a long list of microscopic life you don’t want to drink, from salmonella and staphylococcus to tiny insect eggs,” the report read.

“Worse, contamination was the rule, not the exception: Almost all of the bacteria levels were tens, sometimes hundreds, of times above U.S. government limits.”

So next time you get on a flight it might be an idea to order a coke instead – just make sure it’s not a diet coke! What do you normally order mid-flight?